My Personal Tactician FAQs.

My Personal Tactician FAQs.

My Personal Tactician FAQs.

Why are memberships 12 months long?

My Personal Tactician has been built around a need for ongoing and regaular Guidance. We’re perfect for people who want to commit to ongoing development, so they can continually challenge themselves to be the best.

We found a gap in the market for professionals and organisations who want to have short, sharp and regular Guidance. Something quick, and in the moment, that would help them get back to getting their job done.

A MPT membership is the perfect complement to a professional throughout their career. As their development needs change, there is always a Tactician in the network who can help. Be it a new challenge to overcome or a new skill to learn – we’ve got you covered!

How do you select Tacticians?

All our Tacticians are trusted associates who have their own successful businesses and have held senior leadership roles in corporate and/or government. They come highly recommended by their peers, and align with the My Personal Tactician values and philosophy.

One thing all of our Tacticians have in common is their ability to give honest and candid Guidance, saving you time and getting results.

We also ask our Members to provide regular feedback on their experience with their Tactician, so we know they’re the best in their field.

How do you match Members with Tacticians?

We take time up front to understand each member as they join MPT – this helps us match them with the right Tactician.

We ask a number of questions to inform the matching process – including your membership objectives, questions to help us understand your communication style and finally your preferences for the Tactician you work with.

You might be matched with someone who can complement or challenge you, depending on your objectives.

If my Tactician isn’t the right fit can I change?

Before you commence your membership you’ll have an introductory session with the Tactician that we’ve matched you with. The purpose of this conversation is to make sure it feels right and they have the right experience and capability to help you with your development objectives.

While rare, sometimes members decide they’d like to change their Tactician during the membership – perhaps their development needs change or they’d sinply like someone else to challenge their thinking.

This is not a problem. Simply talk to your Tactician or email and we will make it happen!

How do I keep track of the Tactician Time Units (TTU) used?

Your Tactician will confirm the Tactician Time units used at the end of each conversation. Your Tactician will also notify MPT HQ so we have record of your membership usage.

We send Activity Statements to you throughout your membership which makes it easier for you to keep track of your remaining TTU.

When will I be charged the monthly membership fee?

Your monthly membership fees are direct debited from your nominated credit / debit card at the start of every month. This will take place on the same day (or closest business day) each month.

What if I use all my TTU, before the end of my membership?

Not a problem. You can purchase additional TTU at any point throughout your MPT membership to “top up” your balance. Continue to pay your monthly membership fee for the remainder of your membership period and choose to purchase the additional TTU in one upfront payment, or spread over the remaining months of your membership.

If you would like to do this, ask your Tactician or email MPT HQ at

Can I renew my membership?

Yes, you’ll be notified via email prior to the end of your MPT membership and be given the opportunity to renew your membership so there is no interruption to your access to Guidance.

If circumstances change, can I cancel my membership?

The Membership Agreement does not allow cancellations within the membership period unless there are medical reasons and a doctor’s certificate is provided. In exceptional circumstances, please email

Can I meet my Tactician face-to-face?

My Personal Tactician is built on the convenience on having more immediate conversations over the phone and finding the right Guidance, irrespective of an individuals location.

If it is convenient for the Tactician and Member to meet face-to-face and both parties desire to do so – it’s up to the discretion of the individuals, but cannot be guaranteed.

Can I transfer my TTUs to others?

A membership is linked to the individual who applied and cannot be transferred to another individual or member.

When the membership is funded by an organisation and the individual moves on from that organisation, the membership may be transferred to their successor. Prior notification must be made to MPT HQ by emailing

Are my sessions with my Tactician confidential?

Yes. The contents of the conversation is confidential and covered by the Member Agreement and the Accountability Agreement between the Tactician and member.

From time to time My Personal Tactician will ask Tacticians to report on the themes of conversations at an aggregated level. Identifying information is never provided. The purpose of this information is to inform the tools, resources and information that are created and provided to members.